Alarm System

Installation of the farm alarm system is a simple plug and play setup. Alarm system works with all normally open/normally closed devices, 2.8K or 10K temperature sensors and 4-20mA transducers. There are 6 input zones per unit along with 1 relay output. Multiple input sensors can be daisy changed and plugged into 1 input zone, if sensors allow. More than 1 unit can be used if more input zones are needed.

Feed Monitoring System

A typical farm site can be wired with a SmartFarm level monitoring system and online in a matter of hours!
Below are installation photos from a farm site. SmartFarm Systems level monitoring and management systems were specifically designed for farm sites. We do offer many other mounting strategies to accommodate all your level monitoring needs. A detailed installation manual can be found under support manuals.

Our patent-pending brackets mount easily, using two bolts fastened around the collar of your feed bin or bulk solid container. After mounting the bracket, a single bolt on the bin is removed from the roof and the communication wire is then run out of the bin. Continue to run the wire down the bin and secure tightly where needed.

SmartFarm Installation SmartFarm Installation SmartFarm Installation

Pick out a spot in the group of bins that is centrally located. This is where the bin controller will be mounted. Mount the bin controller and finish running the bin communication lines down the bin and into the bin controller. Wire a power line to the bin controller and the installation is complete.

SmartFarm Installation SmartFarm Installation

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