Alarm Management

SmartFarm Systems Alarms

SmartFarm Systems alarm system is the most advanced system on the market. Unlike most alarm systems we do not just sell you a monitor. We go above and beyond our duties to protect your livestock and give you piece of mind that your farm is being protected. Please feel free to contact us for pricing and further information. Below are some of the key features that our alarm system offers, most are unmatched by any other system.

  • Alarm monitor polled multiple times daily to ensure functionality
  • No need for battery backups as our servers can tell when units are powered off
  • Text, email and phone (land line or cell) alert options
  • Ability to view and configure the alarm monitor from any device with an Internet connection
  • Up to 20 alert contacts per location
  • Ability to setup delayed contacts for backup purposes
  • Multiple user permissions for viewing and configuring the alarm units

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